More MailleTec Mesh Used On HBO's Game Of Thrones

MailleTec’s medium mesh was used for Brienne’s new armor on Game of Thrones! In the recent episode ‘Oathbreaker’ Brienne was given a gorgeous new suit of armor which has our mesh used around the leather patches on the skirt and arms. We’ve been curious to see how our mesh would be used in her new costume and it’s great to finally see the stunning results!




Our mesh was also briefly visible on one of the jousters (second from right in the photo below) during The Purple Wedding. It was easily missed by blinking, but we were happy to have had even a small part in King Joffrey’s big day. We were thrilled with the result! 



You can find out more about the costumes of Season 4 in this video. Gwendoline Christie – the actress who plays Brienne – talks about her new armor, and you can also see more of MailleTec’s mesh on the arms of Oberyn Martell’s armor!