Chainmail is armor, and we make great chainmail. MailleTec's uses North American 304 Stainless Steel to produce our welded mesh. Every ring is individually welded to create an incredible strong, flexible fabric. Because every ring is welded, our wearable mesh is both stronger and lighter than most people expect. A entire t-shirt usually weighs between 6-7 lbs! Our standard PPE products include lumberjack chop-socks and leg protection, as well as numerous types of extreme heat glove – called NovaShield. We protect Tesla coil artists all over the world with our custom made faraday suits.We have also made more traditional armor for historical fencing. Want to see just how tough our mesh is? Check out Neptunic gear, which proudly uses MailleTec mesh to protect divers against shark attacks. Contact us today to discuss your PPE needs. We are always happy to help!