MailleTec Mesh and Scale Maille Used in Seventh Son!

MailleTec is very excited to see some of our work on the big screen again! We’ve been waiting a long time for Seventh Son to be released and we can’t wait to go see it. We did a number of pieces for this project – Julianne Moore wears our scale maille (using The Ring Lord scales) in one of her main costumes and our blackened medium mesh is used on the knights’ costumes.

The scale maille pieces can be seen here on Mother Malkin's bodice and shoulder pieces:


Original plans called for a full-length scale maille dress with snake-skin detailing. We spent months creating this one of a kind piece using a customized dress form and cloth pattern to make sure the tailoring was as precise as it could be. There is almost no stretch in scale maille fabric so getting a proper fit is not easy. The arms and shoulders were especially challenging, however we think the results were stunning!

In the end however the dress wasn’t worn on screen. The skirt portion alone weighed around 30 lbs, and wearing it during prolonged shooting hours and during stunt work just wasn’t practical. We were told it might end up being used as a background prop, so keep your eyes open! Since 7th Son was filming in British Columbia, MailleTec’s Dane Duncan flew over to create a last minute custom piece on location. The result was the gorgeous black scale maille bodice piece seen on screen. The original dress was donated to the Fashion Institute of Technology museum in New York, however you can find more pictures of it in our Facebook album!

Check out the trailers below!