Introducing MailleTec's Arc Armor Gloves

MailleTec is proud to announce our new Arc Armor Gloves. Designed to extend the functionality and lifespan of your welding gloves, Arc Armor Gloves also offer protection against heat and abrasive cuts. Arc Armor Gloves fit over most commercial gloves, and can withstand contact temperatures of over 1000deg C with no damage. Aside from offering great protection and allowing you to pick up extremely hot objects, Arc Armor will reduce the wear on your regular gloves and lower your long term glove costs. Arc Armor Gloves can be purchased on our website store or the Arc Armor page. If you have any questions about this product, please get in touch with us at and you'll receive a reply within one business day.

We've had great feedback on this product and have decided it is finally time to introduce them to the public!