Nova Shield Original Gloves

Nova Shield Welding Gloves Heat & Cut Resistant Protection

* NovaShield pays for itself in less than 4 months in typical applications

* Reduce production time by handling hotter parts sooner

* Gloves can be re-lined or repaired for a small fee, making NovaShield last almost indefinitely

* Welded chainmail withstands cuts, abrasions, and punctures exceptionally well

* Can withstand contact temperatures of 1200+ Deg C

* Radiant heat is also reduced significantly. Hands stay cooler and gloves last longer

* Allows you to simply hold onto what you want to weld - Zero fixturing time

* Run longer beads. Great for pipe and production welding

* Stainless steel construction means most spatter won't stick

* Contact us today to discuss NovaShield for your application

* $199 USD/pair plus shipping

NovaShield Extreme Heat Gloves Line Up

The harsher the application – the bigger the benefit! Significantly outlasts alternative gloves – Both our NovaShield and NovaShield HD have service lives ~10-20x longer than traditional choices.

Reduce part handling time. Chainmail's ability to dissipate heat means your can handle hotter parts longer. No more messing with tongs – simply pick up the mold, crucible, or stock. Direct handling is faster, safer and more precise.

All prices in USD.