Introducing MailleTec's Arc Armor Gloves

MailleTec is proud to announce our new Arc Armor Gloves. Designed to extend the functionality and lifespan of your welding gloves, Arc Armor Gloves also offer protection against heat and abrasive cuts. Arc Armor Gloves fit over most commercial gloves, and can withstand contact temperatures of over 1000deg C with no damage. Aside from offering great protection and allowing you to pick up extremely hot objects, Arc Armor will reduce the wear on your regular gloves and lower your long term glove costs. Arc Armor Gloves can be purchased on our website store or the Arc Armor page. If you have any questions about this product, please get in touch with us at and you'll receive a reply within one business day.

We've had great feedback on this product and have decided it is finally time to introduce them to the public!



MailleTec Mesh in David Blaine's Electrified

What a busy month October was! The MailleTec team was kept quite busy with a number of projects, however one that we're particularly proud of was David Blaine's Electrified! We worked with Arc Attack and David Blaine's team to make a large mesh chainmaille Faraday suit for David to protect him during the 72 hour stunt. Surrounded by Tesla coils, David endured 3 days with 1 million volts of electricity continuously projected at him. Our large mesh was used for most of the suit, however the gloves were made from our small mesh. We were happy to help keep him safe! 


See a behind the scenes look at the project here:


MailleTec Mesh In Once Upon A Time's Season Premiere

We were absolutely thrilled to be part of ABC's Once Upon A Time premiere on Sunday September 30th!

Once Upon A Time opened its second season with 'Broken', an episode dealing with the return of magic to the town of Storybrooke. Our mesh was used as a veil/ face shield on the character of Mulan when we first met her. Chainmaille face veils are pretty cool in general, but having it worn by Mulan made it even better. The team at ABC's Once Upon A Time is fantastically talented and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us this season! We hope to see a lot more of Mulan!

Some pictures can be found the Once Upon A Time Wiki's Mulan gallery. We're hoping to post some photos soon!

If you're new to the series, check out the ABC's Once 101 page !

More on the character of Mulan in this series can be found on the Once Upon A Time Wiki . 

If you happen to live in the United States you can watch the entire episode on ABC's site!

Southwest TV News Feature

Southwest TV News stopped by last week to film a section on MailleTec! George interviewed our general manager Mason about MailleTec's products and the recent work we've done for B Akerlund in Madonna's halftime show.


MailleTec Mesh in Madonna's Halftime Show

 MailleTec was thrilled to be part of Madonna's halftime show! Three of our shirts were featured in the 'Vogue' section of the performance. Kupono is wearing a MailleTec brass shirt, while two other dancers are also wearing shirts that we made - one in bronze and the other in stainless steel. We'll post more photos as they become available.