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MailleTec can create a custom guard tailor made to your machine!

- Doesn't restrict workpiece size. You can simply lift the guard up, and drape it over the workpiece. The flexible nature of the chainmaille fabric will conform to the workpiece, reducing the effective opening to nearly zero.
- Lightweight. Approximately 80lbs to completely surround a typical 100 ton H-frame press.
- Can be pushed out of the way for maintenance without uninstalling. Simply slide the mesh back on its hanging rod.
- Can easily be set up to be a permanent/self adjusting or interlocked style guard.
- Mesh allows the operator a clear view of the workpiece, while still being dense enough to stop debris smaller than 1/8”.
- Optional overlapping access slits allow the workpiece to manipulated without having to reset the guard.

The Mesh:

- All stainless steel construction.
- Wire is 304 alloy approximately 95KSI tensile strength. Each ring individually welded, and passes through 4 other rings.
- Rings are ~.21 OD with .028” diameter wire.
- Approximately 8400 rings/sq ft. Weighs .73lbs/sq ft.

All prices in USD.