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MailleTec Hydraulic Press Guards

  • Our custom hydraulic press guards have a smaller pass through size than other projectile guards on the market.
  • Our press guards can be repaired instead of replaced – unlike coil guards that deform and need to be entirely replaced after an incident.  
  • Our hydraulic press guards are easy to pull aside so you can access your machine without removing them. 
Custom guard for hydraulic press - easy to access

Have A Hydraulic Press That Needs Protection?

Our Guards Are:

  • Tried and tested – they are already in use in over 50 OSHA approved installations for hydraulic press guarding.
  • Flexible enough to fit any machine, regardless of size or shape. 
  • So easy to use, once it goes on there is no reason to take it off.
  • Originally developed as hydraulic press guards and have been used on a variety of other industrial machinery.

Compared To Rigid, Expanded Metal Style Guarding, Our Press Guards…. 

Are Easy To Access.

Expanded metal guards limit machine accessibility. Our custom hydraulic press guarding can be easily moved aside to access the machine – no need to uninstall! We can also add optional access pockets, so you can reach your hydraulic press or other machine without moving the guard aside. 

Have A Smaller Pass Through Size.

Expanded metal guards won’t perform well against smaller projectile pieces, which can easily pass through those gaps. MailleTec chainmail guarding can help protect against projectiles as small as 1/8”. 


Can Be Made To Fit Any Machine!

Have an odd-sized unit or inconveniently placed hydraulic power pack or controls? Our press guards can be custom sized to accommodate your needs!

Compared To Coil Guards, Our Hydraulic Press Guards…. 

custom guard for an h frame hydraulic press

Won’t Deform After Every Incident!

Coil guards bend out of shape and need to be replaced after almost any incident (not just breakthroughs!). Our guards are rarely damaged in use.  


Are Repairable!

Even in the rare event of a breakthrough (which will still reduce the force of a projectile, and hence the likelihood of injury) the guard won’t need to be replaced entirely. We can repair it for the cost of shipping, so you don’t have to buy a new one. 

Easy install easy access machine guard
Hydraulic Presses Need Guards


Our mesh is made with over 7200 individually welded rings per sq. foot and is incredibly strong and puncture resistant. To penetrate, a projectile needs to break one or more rings, which significantly reduces its energy. Even in the case of a breakthrough, force is reduced. 

Custom Fit

Each guard is made to fit your machine exactly. We can provide hanging rod fixtures for installation. Alternatively, a hanging rod can easily be made on site with steel conduit and simple tools.

Easy To Use

Our hydraulic press guards can be pushed out of the way for maintenance without uninstalling. The mesh allows the operator a clear view of the work piece. Optional access slits increase ease of access to the machine even further. 


Chainmaille machine guards are rarely damaged by impacts. Our press guards can usually be repaired in the rare event of damage. If your hydraulic press guard is damaged in regular use, we’ll repair it for the cost of shipping only.

Hydraulic press guard visibility.

Our Hydraulic Press Guards….

custom machine guarding
50ton H Frame
  • Help protect operators from projectiles as small as 1/8”. This is a much smaller size than other hydraulic press guards on the market.
  • Have optional access slits that allow the work piece to be manipulated without moving the guard. You can still reach your hydraulic press or other machine without removing the safety guard!
  • Are so easy to use, once it goes on there is no reason to take it off.
  • Can be moved aside for machine maintenance without uninstalling.
  • Are flexible enough to allow any size or shape of workpiece to still be guarded. Our guarding can fit any machine!
  • Are made from North American 304 stainless steel so it is rust and weld spatter resistant.
Hydraulic press guard visibility.
Custom guard for hydraulic press
Easy install easy access machine guard

Custom Guards For Custom Needs

We typically use a ‘shower curtain’ style guard with the closure on one side. This helps protect the opening with the vertical support of the press. Other options that might be preferable in some situations:

  • A curtain with no gap, with access pockets which can be pulled up from the bottom.
  • A hanging bar designed in such a way as to provide an overlap.
  • The last foot of the curtain overlapping and clipped to the other side with carabiners.


Interested In A Quote? 

  • Hydraulic presses come in all shapes and sizes and are often custom built for your shop’s needs. We can make a guard to fit almost any configuration without sacrificing your machine’s unique capabilities.
  • Expanded metal and coil guards both allow larger particles to pass through either completely unimpeded or by simply bending a small wire aside.
  • Chainmail is flexible on all 3 axes. This allows the guard to remain in place while flexing around odd-shaped or oversize pieces, leaving a thoroughly guarded yet unrestricted work envelope.

Have A Different Machine That Needs Guarding? 

Chainmail’s flexibility allows it to be used to guard almost any type of machine. We’ve made access guards, splatter guards and many other types of industrial guarding. We’ve even made guarding for NASA JPL to send to Mars! 

Want To Know More About How Our Material Can Be Used In An Industrial Setting?

Our mesh is flexible as well as heat, abrasion and corrosion resistant. We’ve made all sorts of custom solutions for industrial challenges, and would love to talk to you about how our mesh can help solve your shop floor problems. 


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About Our Flexible Chainmail Fabric

  • We manufacture mesh in four rings sizes – our hydraulic press guards are made using our industrial mesh. 
  • All of our mesh is made of welded stainless steel. 
  • Our mesh is flexible in 3 directions and doesn’t fatigue. 

Our Industrial Mesh


Coil Guards