MailleTec Guards FAQ


What Is MailleTec’s Repair Policy On Machine Guards?

If your guard is damaged during its intended use, we will repair it at no charge.  Simply pay shipping to and from MailleTec, and we will repair your guard to like-new condition.  


How Small Of Particles Does An Industrial Mesh Machine Guard Protect You From?

Our industrial mesh will stop projectiles down to 1/8”.


Do You Sell The Mounting Hardware With A Hydraulic Press Guard?

We typically sell our guards with hanging rings along the top edge to fit ¾” electrical conduit. It is usually much more cost effective to bend a hanging rod on-site. With all of the conduit hanging hardware available, mounting is usually accomplished in a few minutes with a few dollars of hardware. This saves valuable shop time and money over building a guard mount in house. However, MailleTec is developing a mounting kit if you prefer to purchase a complete system. Ask us about which approach would best suit your shop!


What Are The Stats For The Industrial Mesh? 

Our industrial (21g 9/64″) mesh weighs 0.73 lbs/sq.ft. (3.56kg/m2). The rings used in this mesh have an outer diameter of 0.215 inches, an inner diameter of 0.149 inches and a wire diameter of 0.028 inches. The industrial mesh has approximately 7216 rings/sq.ft. The industrial rings are approximately the same size as the medium rings, but with thicker wire. The thick wire combined with a smaller ring size makes the industrial mesh our strongest chainmaille ever.