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Custom Guard for Red Press 400H

About Our Guards

  • Helps protect operators from projectiles as small as 1/8”
  • Optional access slits allow the work piece to be manipulated without moving the guard
  • Can be moved aside for machine maintenance without uninstalling
  • Made from North American 304 stainless steel so it is rust and weld spatter resistant
  • If your guard is damaged in regular use, we’ll repair it for the cost of shipping only.
Hydraulic press H frame safety guard with projectile guard pulled aside

Our Guards Are...

  • Tried and tested – already in use in over 50 OSHA approved installations.
  • Flexible enough to allow any size or shape of workpiece to still be properly guarded – ideal for your hydraulic press!
  • So easy to use, once it goes on there is no reason to take it off We can provide hanging rod fixtures
    for installation. Alternatively, a hanging rod can easily be made on site with steel conduit and simple tools.
Nova Shield Gloves

Nova Shield Welding Gloves Offer Heat & Cut Resistant Protection


* Reduce production time by handling hotter parts sooner

* Radiant heat is also reduced significantly. Hands stay cooler and gloves last longer

* Allows you to simply hold onto what you want to weld – Zero fixturing time

* Run longer beads. Great for pipe and production welding

* Stainless steel construction means most spatter won’t stick

custom shrapnel guard

Do You Have A Particular Machine That Needs Guarding?

At MailleTec we help solve unique problems! Our mesh has been adapted to many uses over the years, and if you think chainmaille might help solve a particular problem in your shop, email us a description at !   

Custom Guard with clear view of workpiece

Protection Without An Obstructed View

One of the many advantages of chainmaille is that it offers superior protection while still allowing you to see through it. Our guards allow the operator a clear view of the workpiece!

Custom guard for hydraulic press - easy to access

The Safest Guard Is One That Stays In Use

At MailleTec we know that a guard only works if you use it. With that in mind, we designed our guards to be the most versatile and user friendly on the market. By being easy to use, accessible and quick to move around, they stay in place and get used every time. Our guards are easy to see through so you can always keep your work in sight.