We manufacture maille products – serving industry and individuals alike. Maille, also known as chainmail or ring mesh, is used worldwide in the fields of industrial safety and architectural design. Our welded maille is a flexible, beautiful and highly protective fabric. We specialize in industrial machine guarding, however we love using chainmail to solve unique problems. We will work closely with you to develop products tailored to your needs.

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MailleTec is very excited to see some of our work on the big screen again! We’ve been waiting a long time for Seventh Son to be released and we can’t wait to go see it. We did a number of pieces for this project – Julianne Moore wears our scale maille (using The Ring Lord scales) in one of her main costumes and our blackened medium mesh is used on the knights’ costumes.

The scale maille pieces can be seen here on Mother Malkin's bodice and shoulder pieces:


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