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Tyson (and MailleTec) VS Jaws

Iron Mike was well protected with MailleTec’s stainless steel mesh, and while he warned that “Someone’s going to get bit!”, his suit made sure that if it was him, he’d be fine. Neptunic diving suits are primarily made with our small mesh, which has approximately 15,000 individually welded rings per square foot.
This is no regular fight though, as we’ll see the baddest man on the planet fighting for shark research and conservancy and learning to knock out a shark without even throwing a punch. 
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Have A Machine That Needs Shrapnel Protection?

Our Guards Are:

  • Tried and tested – they already in use in over 50 OSHA approved installations
  • Flexible enough to allow any size or shape of workpiece to still be properly guarded – ideal for your hydraulic press!
  • So easy to use, once it goes on there is no reason to take it off
  • Originally developed for hydraulic presses and have been used on a variety of other industrial machinery
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How big can we make our pieces?

How big can you imagine them?  We’ve made pieces for tiny miniatures and pieces meant to cover walls. While our mesh is made in set widths, we can seam our fabric to almost any dimensions.

MailleTec Mesh and Scale Maille Used in Seventh Son!

MailleTec is very excited to see some of our work on the big screen again in Seventh Son! We did a number of pieces for this project – Julianne Moore wears our scale maille in one of her main costumes and our blackened medium mesh is used on the knights’ costumes.


We’ve made a lot of projects that don’t fit any particular mold. From experimental lunar rover tires, to pot scrubbers and oven racks, we’ve come up with solutions for countless clients. All of our welded 100% stainless steel chainmail is puncture and cut resistant, fire proof, heat dissipating and electrical shielding. Beyond its protective functions, chainmail’s abrasion resistance and flexibility make it uniquely capable in a surprising number of projects. If you have an application you think chainmail might work for, talk to us!

MailleTec Mesh On Mars!

MailleTec is proud to announce that our maille was sent to Mars as part of the Mars InSight program! Back in 2013 we worked with NASA JPL to develop a shield that would help protect delicate seismic equipment from heat and dust. The final piece used both our scale maille and specially made titanium chainmaille.

Nova Shield Gloves


  • Reduce part handling time. Chainmail’s ability to dissipate heat means your can handle hotter parts longer.

  • No more messing with tongs – simply pick up the mold, crucible, or stock. Direct handling is faster, safer and more precise.

  • Gloves can be re-lined or repaired for a small fee, making Nova Shield last almost indefinitely.

  • Welded chainmail withstands cuts, abrasions, and punctures exceptionally well.

Illuminated Chainmail

Illuminate your home or work with gorgeous chainmail lighting installations! Chainmail lighting makes a dramatic addition to any space. From chainmail chandeliers to single bulb fixtures, we can turn your idea into reality.

At MailleTec we know that a guard only works if you use it. With that in mind, we designed our guards to be the most versatile and user friendly on the market. By being easy to use, accessible and quick to move around, they stay in place and get used everytime. Our guards are easy to see through so you can always keep your work in sight.